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Cheese Bread and cheese board to impress yours guests (and get your kids to try different flavours!)

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Creative ideas to use your all day snack!

I like selecting cheeses by their big categories first (hard, semi hard, soft cheeses and blues) then I move to milk types, followed by rind types (white rind, washed rind, ash or the ones matured with special ingredients like hey, grapes, alcohol or spices).

Keep in mind the more they differ from each other, more likely is that they will create a nice variety of flavours and textures to suit all sort of tastes and make your cheese board even more fun!

Fruits like apples, grapes, strawberries, jams, honey, chutneys complement cheeses very well with a sweet touch while charcuterie, cherry tomatoes and greens will contribute to increase savoury aspect of your cheese board. All of these, will increase the complexity of flavours, as well as add some beautiful colour and nutrients to your board.

I like getting my cheese from local cheese mongers and I never miss the change to ask them "what is good today?"... it is a great way to get a free master class from the experts and keep learning how seasons and terroir inflict on the taste of the cheeses!

On the selection above I have picked a Gorgonzola picante (Italian), 18th months old Comté (French), La Luna Holy Goat (Australian), finally sliced prosciutto, fig and quince jam, Terrey tendrils (pea leaves), fresh cherry tomatoes and green grapes.

Take the cheeses out of the fridge about 2 hours prior to serving them. Arrange all cheeses and ingredients of choice on the platter together.

Pre heat your oven very hot and bake your cheese bread just before your guest are due to arrive. They will enter your home with the beautiful smell of a freshly baked cheese bread!!

The best of all, the freshly baked cheese bread is an exotic addition tol impress your guests and motivate your kids to come to the table to enjoy them and discover a world of new flavours and textures that will blow them away!

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