Working towards a positive impact

  • We buy Australian products, ingredients and services whenever possible so we keep contributing to our local economy (the exception is our Tapioca flour because we need a specific flour profile of the product coming from the tropics)​

  • Close relationship with our suppliers to source high quality ingredients, ethical standards and animal welfare.

  • We only use real and clean ingredients like single origin milk, free range eggs and Australian made cheese. It is food good for the body and for the soul.

  • We minimise the use of paper whenever possible; 

  • Office stationary is reduced to a minimum; when needed is based on recyclable or reusable sources; printing is avoided whenever possible 

  • Reduced waste in our factory operations by:

    • Buying ingredients in bulk to minimise packaging use/waste​

    • Recycling our waste & reducing waste disposable costs

  • We are committed to our stakeholders and their wellbeing

A key component of our sustainability goal is our packaging:

  1. Made of food grade cardboard, excluding the need of an inside bag​ - 100% recyclable.

  2. Printed with Eco Inks, free of mineral oils.

  3. Compact package and boxes, less waste

  4. The bag inside is made of Natureflex cellulose bags; they are sustainably harvested, home compostable and biodegradable!