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  • How do we work towards sustainability at Cristiana & Co?
    Our packaging is our hero when it comes to being sustainable in the freezer section. Our packaging is: 1 - Plastic free, with a bag inside made of sustainably harvested, certified home compostable and biodegradable film. 2 - Compact, FULL with product, so we can maximise its use, minimise consumption of packaging materials, maximise logistics (more you can transport on a single trip), and very important, minimise waste at home. 3 - Fully recyclable cardboard box We also do a lot of work behind the scenes to minimise environmental impact and support our local economy. In our operations, we have sourcing guidelines to prioritise Australian suppliers (including services), ingredients and generate less waste at the factory. Here are some of the things we do: • We source 64% of our ingredients from Australian suppliers to support the local economy where possible. This allows us to guarantee higher quality ingredients while minimising carbon emissions with overseas. The only non-Australian ingredient is our Tapioca Flour because we have yet to find one locally which would promote the necessary quality we need to make our delicious cheese bread. • We only use free-range eggs, because they are better for you, and the chickens, even if we incur a larger price for this.
  • Why is Cristiana & Co Cheese Bread more convenient compared to other brands?
    Our cheese bread is designed to go straight from the freezer to a pre-heated, HOT oven without defrosting. They should be ready in only 12-14 minutes compared to 30 min of other brands in the market Ovens vary temperature immensely so make sure you follow our cookings instructions and bake them until they are golden brown! Also, the high quality ingredients we use gives our cheese bread unique flavour and texture that allows them to be used in many different ways!
  • Is Cristiana & Co Cheese Bread healthy for me?
    The short answer is yes! We only use high-quality, all-natural ingredients that have not been highly processed, genetically modified and are free from additives so you can have an artisanal product that maintains the same characteristic of foods made at home.
  • What is Modified Tapioca (used in other brands of cheese breads) and why is important to stay away for it?
    Modified Tapioca is a genetically modified Tapioca starch. It is the additive, also known as Acetylated distarch adipate (E1422) used to intensify performance of the dough and increase water absorption in the formulation. The Australian labelling regulations require the ingredients to be listed in descending order of quantity and allow additives to be listed by name and/or number (not both). You may notice cheese breads containing modified Tapioca often have water as the first or second ingredient on the ingredient list. That means they are full of water, rather than nourishing ingredients.
  • What is the Native Tapioca Starch present in our Cheese Bread?
    Tapioca is a starch extracted from the storage roots of the cassava plant, a species native to tropical countries like Brazil and is vastly used in their cuisine. The starch is obtained by grinding the roots, washing and making a solution, which is then dried to form a thin type of flour. In order to preserve the natural and wholesome character of our cheese bread, we only use Native Tapioca Starch. That means this starch is obtained following traditional methods and from plants that are not genetically modified.
  • Why do we use Canola Oil?
    We opted to use the canola oil because it is one we can obtain with highest purity (100% canola), the freshest and the one which allow us to implement better sustainability practices at the factory. Our canola Oil is non-GMO, but a hybrid obtained from natural cross between different crops. It does not contain additives or preservatives and it is delivered in 200L refillable tanks, which allow us to stop using 20L oil tins (not recyclable and end up in landfill). The fact this oil is in such high demand in manufacturing, it is only few days old when it comes from our supplier, which means better quality and less oxidisation compared to an oil not as vastly used that sit on shelves of suppliers for a long time. There are other oil options available for our size operation, however, they are mix of types of, generally contain soy lecithin (an additive) and are only available in 20L drums which generate more waste at the factory and are not recyclable (they end up in landfill!).
  • What are the ingredients in Cristiana & Co's Cheese Bread?
    Native Tapioca Flour, full cream MILK (fresh), parmesan Cheese (14.8%) (MILK), Canola Oil, Free range EGGS & Salt. Note these are all ingredients you would find in your own pantry! We DO NOT add any additives, preservatives, cheese flavours, (even the “natural ones”) or anything to substitute real ingredients in our formulation. Our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure they are pure, wholesome and free from additives so you can have the only best!
  • Should I defrost the Cheese Bread before cooking?
    Never! Our cheese bread has been designed to go straight from the freezer to the oven without defrosting so you can have more convenience. Going straight from the freezer to the super hot oven is crucial for them to develop this light fluffy centre you see on the pictures. Because ours is artisanal and all-natural, defrosting them may affect the way they raise when baked. When you buy them, take them home and put them straight in the freezer. When you already to enjoy them, make sure you follow the cooking instructions at the back of the packaging or our website for best results!
  • What temperature should I pre-heat my oven?
    Ovens are often de-regulated so it is important to have a very hot oven on fan-forced (if possible) for the best results. Pre-heat your oven to 220C, fan forced, and make sure the oven is very hot before taking your cheese bread out of the freezer! If they don't raise as much, try to pre heat your oven at 230C, fan forced, for better results. If you need help, we are here for you! contact us on or send us a PM on our instagram account.
  • How do I use cheese Bread?
    Our cheese bread is perfect to be used as an all-day snack for kids and adults or as a bread substitute. They’re a great addition to a charcuterie or cheese board, dips, with terrines and pâtés, as a side dish with salads, curries, or even as the carbohydrate part of a meal! Have a look at recipe ideas session on the website or follow us on instagram for inspirational recipes!
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