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A Brazilian Food Engineer, who travelled the world and worked for big manufacturers in Brazil and in the exclusive industries of Bacalao, in Norway and Artisan Unpasteurised Cheese in England.
Australia became home and Cristiana founded Cristiana & Co with the mission to supply premium, exotic and convenient snacks to Australians.

“I wanted to create different, wholesome and utterly delicious products that would offer convenience, practicality and quality to time deprived families and people who enjoy entertaining.


Food for me is a way of life, is fun and the best expression of love towards friends and family. I love having a house full of kids and last minute entertaining...


Our gourmet Pão de Queijo was the perfect case and a great product to always have in the freezer. It gives me great flexibility because of the quick cooking time and versatility as it can serve it in many different ways."

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