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Our Guide To Making The Perfect Grazing Platter

There’s nothing better than having a house full of family, friends and kids running around. Last-minute entertaining can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be!

This gorgeous platter was made in only 12 minutes. We love when quality meets convenience because that means less stress and more fun!

What you’ll need:

1. @cristianaandco Brazilian cheese bread of course!

2. 3 of your favourite cheeses (we love @thedelierskineville blue cheese, holy goats and Comte)

3. Prosciutto

4. Snacking tomatoes

5. Grapes

6. @cunliffewaters Fig & Quince Jam

7. Fresh herbs

8. Some beautiful boards & bowls! We love shopping at @madeonearthsydney for crockery

One of our favourite things about the Cristiana & Co Brazilian cheese bread is that it's made from all-natural, high-quality and premium ingredients meaning it's wholesome, absolutely delicious and ready to eat in only 12 minutes. That gives you just enough time to put out your favourite complimentary cheeses, fruits, meats and whatever else your heart desires! The perfect grazing platter for your holiday hosting festivities.

Enjoy a stress-free, convenient and absolutely delicious platter that you and your family will love! ❤️

For your local #cristianaandco stockist please visit our stockist list using the link below.

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