Business at the time of Covid-19

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

How to respond?

Like everyone else, our world turned upside down a few weeks ago when the coronavirus hit Australia.

As an artisan food maker, who sold our products (wholesale) to restaurants, hotels and schools we really didn’t know what to do. We really wanted to get our business going, keep our small but beautiful team employed but with restaurants, hotels and schools closed what could we do?!

Confused, scared, I reached out to my mentor and friend, Sarah Mandelson (owner of Serendipity Ice Cream). Sarah has been an angel to me and after some tears, we reflected on why we first got into food manufacturing. The answer was simple, provide amazing, wholesome products that are free from all the nasties often found in mass produced food.

But while it was great to reflect to why we started our businesses, what could we do?!

This is where the idea of ‘The Great Australia Bite’ was born. We thought if we could get a small group of artisan food makers to come together, perhaps we could set up a model that allowed us to deliver our awesome products direct to customer! By pooling together, we could, hopefully, continue to keep our businesses going but more importantly we could help our community and their family’s access wholesome, nourishing and convenient products at this time of need.

So here we go, take a look, visit the Great Australian Bite, because life should be wholesome

Ps: The picture of my boys is very old but one of my all times favourites - it reminds me why I started and why I keep going...

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