Our view on sustainability

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

How do we take care of our team and the environment

As a food manufacturer, we are aware our actions can make a huge difference in terms of environmental impacts to our community and to the world. We believe the world needs more manufacturers leading by example and doing the right thing. It is not easy to have everything perfect, especially if you are a start-up manufacturer like us.

However, we stick to our mission so here are the 3 key points we are concentrating to create a positive impact in our community:

1· We take care of our team creating a fun and flexible environment for them to work; we have internal training programs to increase their skills and knowledge at work as they progress and evolve within our company. At this time of crisis, we want to keep going so we can continue generating work and good food for the community.

2· As part of our continual improvement, we work closely to our suppliers to get our high quality ingredients in bulk so we can minimise the amount of packaging we use and generate less waste. We also try to source our ingredients, packaging and services locally so we can contribute to our community and generate more jobs in our areas. The exception to this rule is our cassava starch because the cassava root comes from tropical countries and there is where we find highest quality starch.

3· Our packaging must be environmentally friendly and we are super excited to announce our new retail box which is 100% recyclable and made of food grade materials! the product can be in direct contact with the box, excluding the need of an inside bag - Less waste to our customers, good for the environment, still functional and very cute!

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